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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Liebster Award.

A couple of days ago, the gorgeous Aisling nominated me for a Liebster Award. Now, I still don't really understand what this is, apparently its a way of meeting other new bloggers and promoting us lesser known ones! 

When nominated, you get 11 questions to answer so people can get to know you a little bit better! 
These are the ones given to me by RosySmiles blog :)

Why did you start blogging?
Aside from it providing a lovely (but unneeded) distraction from Uni work, a friend suggested I start one due to my obsession and knowledge on Lush products. 
It's also nice to write in a format different to a scientific journal once in a while. 

What’s your favourite make-up/fashion advice you’ve picked up from a blog you’ve read?
As of yet, I haven't found any makeup advice that I would use,  that my mother hasn't already told me. I'll have to go on the hunt for some new beauty blogs! 

What are your 3 must-have make-up products?
I cannot live without Gosh 'Velvet Touch Foundation Primer'. I won't even put powder on my face without it, never mind foundation. 
My 2nd favourite makeup product has to be lip-related. I think lipstick is key to brightening your face, and it can lift your whole appearance even if you dont have time to do a full face of makeup (which I rarely do). Mac Matte 'Ruby Woo' is a firm favourite, with enough of a blue tint to make my teeth look whiter.
Lastly, but certainly not least, Illamasqua 'Thunder Eyebrow Cake'. I bought this for Halloween last year to give me perfect dead flapper girl brows, and I can't believe it took me 21 years to colour my eyebrows in. How I coped before, I do not know.

And your 3 favourite skin care?
Without a shadow of a doubt my number 1 has to be Lush 'Ultrabland', the best makeup remover ever to grace the world, and the winner of the Lush 'Desert Island' competition. 
To tone my face, I adore Lush 'Eau Roma' toner water to make sure I've removed any last bits of crud from my face. It smells amazing and is great before bed.
Lush's 'Celestial' moisturiser is the most amazing facial moisturiser that I have ever come across. The first and only moisturiser not to make me spotty, oily or sore (plus it smells like a banana milkshake). 

Note: I will be doing a review on Lush skincare soon, so stay tuned :)

What’s the one beauty item that never leaves your handbag?
Kiehls 'Lip Balm#1' is sensational. Spending so long in laboratories and air conditioned rooms wreaks havoc on my lips, and this stuff moisturises and prevents further damage far better than my previous favourite Vaseline. 
(In fact, I swapped handbags today and forgot to transfer my Kiehls balm at home and had to use Vaseline. It didn't do a thing to my already dry, sore and chapped lips.)
As an interesting little bio on Kiehls lip balm, it was tested out on hikers on Everest.

What is your favourite Disney movie?  (If you don’t like Disney tsk tsk.)
Beauty and the Beast! Belle was always my favourite princess. She put intelligence above beauty and she wasn't as vapid as princesses in other movies, like Sleeping Beauty (why on earth would you prick your finger you numpty). 

Is there a part of your beauty regime that you find tedious?
Removing my makeup, which is silly when I love my cleansing products so much! Living in a house with a boiler that I suspect isn't entirely safe nor legal, attempting to get hot water to remove my makeup is hell, and it often involves me having to boil the kettle and then steaming the first 3 layers of my skin off.

Lipstick or Mascara?
Lipstick every time. I look ill without it. 

Where would be your dream place to live?
I don't particularly care which country, as long as it's in the country. Land and trees and mountains is perfection to me. Despite being a London girl at birth, I'm a rural girl at heart. Just plonk me somewhere with a pretty view where I can watch the sunset, wrapped in a blanket and sipping a cup of tea.

You can only listen to one band for the rest of your life, who is it?
Death Cab for Cutie. Such an awful name for such an amazing band that creates such beautiful music. 

What is your favourite animal? (Zoology question hehe.)
For anybody who knows me, it certainly IS NOT any member of Diptera. Diptera can go do one. For people who don't know me, I'm not a psycho with a hatred for flies… Well, not without a justified reason. 
But back to the question. I have no idea! I do have a fondness for Axolotls at the minute though. 

The blogs I'm nominating are :

Lush Luv
Carly Kawaii
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Hannah Hearts
Thrifty Skies 
Annie Writes Beauty
Naomi Talks Beauty
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Technically, you're meant to nominate those with <200 followers, but finding those are so much harder than it sounds!

The questions I'm giving you are:

  1. Why are you proud of yourself? :)
  2. What is your perfect holiday?
  3. What are your 3 favourite bathtime/showertime products?
  4. Favourite childhood nostalgic memories (glitter gel and hair mascara have to top mine!)
  5. Thor or Loki?
  6. If qualifications didn't matter, and money was no object, what would be your perfect job?
  7. Favourite festive holiday (Valentines Day/Easter/Hallowe'en/Bonfire Night/Christmas etc)
  8. Have you ever tried Lush products?
  9. Are you a cupcake or a slab-of-cake girl?
  10. Worst fashion faux pas?
  11. What is your worst Bridget Jones bad makeup mistake moment?

Thanks so much for reading!


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Joining the masses!

I've joined BlogLoving.

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It allows me to get my unhealthy fix of cake recipes and cute DIY :)


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty

So, I did intend to do a review of a couple of the fabulous bath bombs and bubble bars from the Retro range online, but my boiler didn't want to play ball and drawing an entire bath with a little student kettle does not work out.

Instead, I decided on a little skincare instead. Due to a certain horrific coursework recently, I've been very naughty. I haven't been cleansing properly, drinking enough water, eating much except toast and those tasty Squares bars, and I've been pulling all nighters.

Lack of sleep, lack of nutrition and lack of cleansing does not lead to happy skin.
Pimples, everywhere!

The magnificent Mask of Mag, looking a little tattered
                           after months of working hard.

What is it?
Mask of Magnaminty , a face mask from Lush, is my first port of call when my skin starts looking a little bit oily, tired and grey. The overall effect on your skin is a removal of grease and grime, whilst cleansing your skin of spots. It's a great one to wake you up in the morning, with the peppermint acting like a blast of fresh air.

Mask of Magnaminty is available in two sizes; 125g at £5.25 and 315g at £9.25, of which I have both! The 125g pot is perfect for travel,  and mine is still going strong after 7 or 8 uses. Despite the container saying to use generously, a little really does go a long way.

How to use!
I have quite the moon head, and I use around a small walnut sized amount to cover my face if I'm doing a full face cleanse. If I have a big monster living on my face, as opposed to little monsters hiding under my skin, I'll apply a little Mask of Mag just to the spot, to help reduce redness and make the bugger go away that much quicker. For both full face cleanses, or war against a spot, I tend to leave it on for around 15 minutes and then rinse off with some steamy hot water. 

Tip: It's nice to put it on in the bath, or the shower, when the room is humid and your pores are wide open. Helps to get that extra bit of gunk out! And make sure to slather on some moisturiser afterwards if you're reptilian like me! 

Going green to channel my inner Elphie.

The ingredients in this face mask are nothing short of awesome:

Bentonite Gel
Absorbs grease and dirt from your face, and helps to calm sore and irritated skin.

A soft clay that absorbs grease, and is mega nourishing to due its mineral rich composition.

A natural preservative that means that Mask of Mag doesn't need to be refrigerated like all the other Lush face masks. Honey is a wonderful antiseptic and antibacterial, helping to prevent spots returning.

Ground Aduki Beans and Evening Primrose Seeds
These beauties are the my best friends. Fabulous for removing any dead skin, reducing inflammation and improving circulation. Hellooooo bright skin.

Peppermint Oil
This is where Mask of Mag gets it's amazing smell from (with a little help from some fair trade vanilla absolute). It has a cooling, refreshing and invigorating effect on the skin.  

If you wanted to find out any more information about the ingredients in Mask of Mag, Lush have a great ingredient directory, and clicking on any of the ingredients below will allow you a better look!   

Yay or Nay?
For me, Mask of Mag will always be a firm favourite. It makes my skin feel so clean and healthy, it's worth taking out an extra 30 minutes a week to cleanse my skin and stop any big boy spots from making an appearance. I do sometimes need to whack some moisturiser on afterwards, to feed a little moisture back into my skin, but my moisturiser smells so good I have no problem with that anyway.

I find people are usually a little worried about whether Mask of Mag is good value, and I honestly think so. I think I'll get around 15 full face masks out of the 125g pot, which works out at around 35p a mask.

And one of the best bits is, if you bring back 5 clean black pots to Lush, they'll give you a free fresh face mask to say "thanks for bringing this back so we can recycle it".

Yay to Lush! 
- x x

Friday, 17 January 2014

How hard can it be?

I'm Lily, 21, and although I'm a final year Biology student, I still have no idea what I want to do in life.

I do know, however, that I am a serious toiletry addict. What started out with a keen interest in moisturising my scaly knees with my mothers expensive body butter (Shhh…) turned into a slight obsession with moisturisers, body scrubs, hair masks and shampoos.

I'm also partial to the odd lipstick too. 

Whilst procrastinating in style by browsing the Instagram world, my friend posted a link to her new blog ( reviewing the wonders and horrors of the makeup world. I don't have much skill with make-up, but after working for Lush Cosmetics for a few months as a Christmas temp, I've learned more than I ever thought possible about the perks of natural ingredients.

And the slight interest I had in Lush products before, blossomed into a true, unequivocal love. 

Rosy Smiles suggested I start a blog, reviewing the mountains of Lush products I hoard (ashamedly not all pictured above). 

So I thought…How hard could it be?